Dear Esteemed IT Leaders and Pioneers from the Manufacturing & SCM Space,

We cordially invite you to join us at VMware & Intel present The VAMRR Forum on IT Excellence in Manufacturing & SCM  on Thursday, 14th September 2023, from 2:30 to 4:30 PM, online

Forum Overview

This inaugural edition of the forum is designed as a targeted platform to address key IT & transformation related areas within Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management, with an emphasis on practical insights and real-world solutions. It will bring together seasoned industry leaders, experts, and technology pioneers to explore:

  • Multi-Cloud Management: Strategies for seamless integration and efficiency.
  • Security: Best practices for safeguarding processes and data.
  • IT Infrastructure Modernization: Innovations for modern and agile operations.
  • Workforce Modernization and Productivity: Security, Mobility & Management of End user computing
Key Highlights

Exploring Multi-Cloud Environments and IT Modernization

Delve into the realm of efficiently managing multi-cloud environments and modernizing IT infrastructure. Learn how these transformations drive agility, productivity, and scalability in manufacturing and SCM.

Security within Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management

Address the critical issue of security, examining alignment with business objectives, challenges, solutions, and best practices for robust security strategies.

Workforce Modernization for Efficiency and Agility

Explore the enhancement of Security, Mobility, and Management in End User Computing. Understand how Workforce Modernization leads to increased productivity, satisfaction, and market responsiveness.

This marks the 110th event by VAMRR Technologies in 7+ years, boasting participation from over 1000+ Industry Leaders, Innovators, and 7500 Practitioners from 5000 organizations across India.

Join Us

Do not miss this opportunity to contribute to a collective journey toward increased readiness, productivity, and resilience in manufacturing and SCM.

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We look forward to welcoming you!


Rajat Jain

Chief Digital Officer

Vedanta Limited,
Aluminium & Power -JSG

Nebu Joy

Vice President -IT & CISO


Rishikesh Singh

AVP & Function Head -IT


Hardik Doshi

Director, Sales
Conglomerates & Mfg.


Dr Walter Frank

Strategic Partners Director & EMEA Lead - Industrial IOT


Umesh Goyal

Senior Manager
India EUC


Anant Deshmukh

Senior Manager-Solution Engineering


Anand Gurnani

Founder & Managing Director

VAMRR Technologies


2:30 p.m.


Introduction & Context Setting

Anand Gurnani | Founder, VAMRR Technologies

2:35 p.m.


Empowering Manufacturing with Multi-Cloud Adoption & Infrastructure Modernization

Rishikesh Singh | AVP & Function Head - IT, Aditya Birla Group, Domestic Textiles

Dr Walter Frank | Strategic Partners Director and EMEA Lead, Industrial IOT, Intel

Hardik Doshi | Director Sales - Conglomerates & Manufacturing, VMware India

Moderated By Anand Gurnani | Founder & Managing Director , VAMRR Technologies

Multi-Cloud adoption and Infrastructure Modernization are pivotal for manufacturing and Supply Chain Management (SCM), driving agility, productivity, and scalability. However, these strategic directions also introduce new challenges that require skilled management. Seasoned IT leaders in manufacturing and SCM are adept at balancing innovation with risk, cost optimization, and security, unlocking the potential of digital transformation to thrive in a competitive global environment.

With this context, the panel session features IT Leaders from Manufacturing and SCM, deep diving into the opportunities, impacts, challenges, and strategies related to multi-cloud adoption and IT Modernization, aligning solutions to resolve present-day challenges.


  • Unlocking Opportunities: Strategies for Multi-Cloud Adoption & IT Modernization

  • Productivity Impact: The Role of Multi-Cloud & Infrastructure Transformation

  • Navigating Challenges: Understanding Implications & Complexities in Adoption

  • Strategic Alignment: IT Leader Solutions to Overcome Modernization Challenges

3:15 p.m.


IT Modernization & Intelligent Insights 

Anant Deshmukh | Senior Manager, Solution Engineering, Manufacturing, VMware India

Supported By Vinith Menon | Solution Engineer, VMware India

3:35 p.m.


Modernizing the Manufacturing and SCM Workforce: Enhancing Security, Mobility, and Management of End User Computing

Rajat Jain | Chief Digital Officer , Vedanta Limited, Aluminium and Power - JSG

Nebu Joy | Vice President -IT & CISO, TATA Play Fiber

Umesh Goyal | Senior Manager - India EUC, VMware India

Moderated By Anand Gurnani | Founder & Managing Director , VAMRR Technologies

The manufacturing and Supply Chain Management industry is undergoing a transformation where technology and human processes are seamlessly integrated. Within EUC, vital topics include enhancing security through Zero Trust protocols, expanding mobility, and ensuring seamless EUC management integration with existing processes. 

This panel brings together industry experts to delve into the realistic possibilities offered by modernizing the workforce through EUC in manufacturing and SCM. The conversation is designed to be specific, insightful, and forward-thinking, aimed at equipping participants with actionable insights on how EUC can serve as an essential element in today’s manufacturing and SCM landscape. 

The panel will discuss the following subjects: 


  • Leveraging End User Computing in Manufacturing and SCM for a Competitive Edge 
  • Security Protocols in EUC: Implementing Zero Trust for Data Protection and Compliance within manufacturing and SCM 
  • Mobility in Manufacturing and SCM: Fostering Agility, Responsiveness, and Collaboration 
  • Integrated Management Solutions: Streamlining Processes for a Seamless User Experience in manufacturing and SCM 

4:15 p.m.


Workforce Productivity & Experience 

Umesh Goyal | Senior Manager - India EUC, VMware India

4:30 PM


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